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  Provided by Japanese and dance experts.
  Professional Japanese stage.

Japanese dance stage handled by professional dancers who are still working as instructors,

choreographers, or back dancers. They offer various mastered techniques combining traditional and modern dance.

On stage, the used props and handmade costumes will beautifully outline dance expressions, as if they were a part of the dancers’ body, and bloom as a flower, one stage after another.

We will offer a special performance with Japanese dance woven by traditions.

Stage performance “The Four Seasons”

Hokkaido, the biggest northernmost island of Japan. 

70 percent of the land is covered with untouched forests, where every season has its own color of nature.

Sprouts wake up the land when the long cold winter is over, and red-blossomed plums prepare to bloom blessed with dewdrops of melted snow. 

Then the hill becomes a carpet of flowers, where the breeze of lavenders gently blow. 

High up in the sky is a bright sun, reminding you of the hot day on the beach.


The sky gets higher and higher as mountains turn orange, while little insects start to sing at the foot of the mountain to say goodbye to summer.


The breeze comes through colored leaves and smile at cosmoses, turning a light on inside that guides you to the next season.


We have cherished the beauty that every season has shown and given us, from which we have learned the true Japanese spirit. 

You will now find out what it's like to see the colors of every season in Japan through dance performances. 

We hope you will enjoy the colors of nature in Hokkaido.

This is a gentle story fulfilled with the different colors and emotions of the four seasons present in Hokkaido.

A wonderful time where you can enjoy skillful techniques from our team Oiran Ohana from beginning to end

Stage performance

“The Four Seasons”

approximately about 30 minutes.

Performances that combine traditional Japanese art with modern dance can be enjoyed by anyone.
Kyoto Japanese Style umbrella

The Kyowa umbrella is one of the most famous Japanese umbrellas. In Japan, our umbrellas are handcrafted by stretching Japanese traditional paper called “Washi” on a frame made of natural materials such as bamboo or wood. Umbrellas are made by experienced craftmen in Kyoto. These umbrellas possess a delicate frame on the inside, a transparent feeling unique to Japanese paper and the beautiful red color that has always been transmitted since ancient times in Japan help us color the stage as we please.

Kyoto Folding fan

Kyo-Fan is a fan originally made in Kyoto or its surroundings, and is a trademark only used by registered members. The Kyo-Fan we use is called “Mai Ougi” specially crafted for dance purposes. Mai-Fans are hand-made by craftmens, again in Kyoto, from bamboo and paper. The resistance of the wind combined with the handling of the fingertips creates a beautiful movement, reminding of flowers’ petals dancing. In our performance, we decided to combine both technique from traditional dance and dance using a fan.

"Shoken Kimono"
Pure silk Kimono
"Shoken Kimono"

Our original costume is made from “Kimono”, which is a traditional Japanese costume. Kimono is usually used as a daily clothe in Japan, but lately, it is mostly used during formal meetings. Kimonos which are made from hand-dyed pure silk are expensive and because of their high value, they are often passed generations to generations. We can distinguish men kimonos from women kimonos, because womens’ one is decorated with lucky charms, flowery patterns adding to that. All the costumes worn during performances are original designs costumes made by unwinding expensive “Shoken” kimono. From our feedback, the beauty of silk is unique to our performances and have been well received by our guests.

30 minutes stage

Performers : 2-5 people

60 minutes stage

Performers : 2-5 people

Oiran Ohana  x  Tokyo Asakusa Kenbukai “EDGS”

60 minutes stage

90 minutes stage

Performers: 5-11 people

Oiran Ohana  x  Tokyo Asakusa Kenbukai “EDGS”

 Two team collaboration stage,

Dance Performance And Sword Fight

About Tokyo Asakusa Kenbukai “EDGS”

Tokyo Asakusa Kenbukai "EDGS" is a performance team specialized in 2 types of activities, sword fighting and dancing. Tokyo Asakusa Kenbukai "EDGS" is based in Tokyo and performs all over Japan and overseas. The image of the sword connect people with each other, and, together articulates the "Samurai's Path" to the entire world. As a Samurai of Reiwa era, we dig a proof of our lives.

Please feel free to contact us with your budget and requests.

Other services 

Folding Workshop

In this private session, we will teach you simple techniques of traditional Japanese dance by learning how to hold a Japanese fan for example. If requested, we can make a choreography for you so we can dance together.

Capacity : up to 20 people


Back Dancer

You can appear as a Back Dancer representing our team, after having a discussion together. (Activities are such as, called for dancing with an artist, etc...) If necessary, you can make choreography using different Japanese techniques and fans or umbrella. If you are interested please contact us.

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