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A journey of Harmony and Japanese Traditions

Oiran Ohana are located in Sapporo, Hokkaido. We offer Japanese traditional performances which drew inspiration from our colorful and beautiful Hokkaido. We also do perform abroad, and we have had the chance to go on stage in Athens and in Switzerland.

Our first theme, called “Journey of Harmony and Japanese traditions” is inspired by a Japanese traditional dance, and it combines old dance techniques with a more modernistic dance style. These dance techniques and expressions come from our lovely Mother Nature.

We want to present to you a sophisticated performance that can combine Japanese spirit with a unique aesthetic never seen before.

Firstly, our dancing performances are created specially to make one with nature, and to show the beauty of it. Secondly, we would like to offer a unique journey with us, and together respect and love what nature and traditions gives us, and we hope that this feeling will keep growing. Lastly, we wish that you witness a new sensation never felt before, and hope that you will enjoy our show.


OiranOhana are a team of performers and dancers that deliver a unique Japanese-style dance. They are based in Sapporo.

In 2015, and wanting to create an unforgettable memory for the audience, Kaneta Mika (KiN) decided to take the lead and supervise a team of dancers in Sapporo.

KiN learned traditional dance techniques because her mother and grandmother were dancers themselves. They made original pieces of costumes from kimonos (100% made of silk) they have revived into modern crops.

With KiN’s experience in traditional dance (and stage) as a dance entertainment performer; the Oiran Ohana team was finally formed.

The next year, a “special skill to someone” was created and widely performed in the media, and cultural events both Japan and overseas.

In 2018, the team had the opportunity to perform abroad in Switzerland during the “Japanimanga night”, which is a famous event held at Davos congress center that celebrates Japanese culture, anime and manga. It was their first overseas experience which gave them the desire to go and discover more places.


In 2019, another opportunity came to their door; an event held in Athens called “Japan Week” let them perform on a large stage. They showed their work called “The Four Seasons”. This theme presents different colored costumes and accessories that remind the audience of a specific season (for example, lavender in summer is performed with purple items). This event was held in late 2019 and ended up in a beautiful and amazing standing ovation from the audience.


Hokkaido, northernmost island in Japan.

This island is 70% covered with forest areas, the breeze of the four seasons blows, and the colors of this island color the Earth itself. Japan’s unique culture associating expressions to the four seasons is deeply rooted in Hokkaido. Everyone grew up with an important understanding of nature and its voices, which helped us elaborate new performances. We will provide you a journey of Harmony, combining traditions and nature.


Japanese dance that follows tradition and continues to evolve.

Japan is known for its tradition, and especially for performing arts. With years, these arts have been expanding and evolving but always kept respecting our beautiful traditions. This is also true for us. We will use traditional stage items, but also sophisticated, handcrafted ones. These costumes will create unique performances and show you the different aspects of beauty in Japan.


Depending on the people, we can offer a custom performance.

As we know, everyone is more sensitive to something different. We will respond to your request and be able to perform according to the specific situation. We offer folding fan experiences to enjoy traditional Japanese culture with everyone.


Special skill to someone.

Age, people, science, everything is continuously changing and evolving. When you feel down or you want to breathe new air, we want to be the ones that help with that. We are willing to share the Earth’s voice with everything and everyone.

花魁オハナ | OiranOhana

Sapporo Snow Festival 2017 Odori Site 5-Chome

花魁オハナ | OiranOhana

Forest Time SNOW HOKKAIDO TAKEAKARI Charity Concert 2018

花魁オハナ | OiranOhana


花魁オハナ | OiranOhana

ART DESIGN FESTA 2018 Tokyo Big Sigt

花魁オハナ | OiranOhana

JAPANIMANGA NIGHT2018 Davos Congress Center, Switzerland

花魁オハナ | OiranOhana

JAPAN WEEK2019 Athens Concert Hall MEGARON, Greece

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